Full Camera package available.
Discounts available for long term gigs.




Camera Support:

-NIKON MOUNT (with adaptor)
-RED TOUCH 5.0″ LCD Monitor
-SmallHD AC7 SDI
-954-CH-DTPQ Camtree 19-15 mm Base Plate with Dovetail Tripod Plate
-Zacuto Z-FIND-EVFP Z-Finder EVF Pro 5 inch
-2 x 128 GB REDMAG 1.8″ SSD
-1 x 256 GB REDMAG 1.8″ SSD
-1 x 64 GB REDMAG 1.8″ SSD
-RED Station Card Reader
-RED V Mount battery mount Wooden Camera Switronix
-2x RED bricks provides 140Wh 2 to 4 hrs
-1x Battery 190w
-2x Battery 162.8Wh #FP190V 4 to 6 hrs
-Duo Battery Charger
-AC power adapter

Additional camera support

-Slider supports up to 90 pounds, ala Dana Dolly (aluminum speed reel )
-Matthews Mitchell Camera Risers 6″ or 12″
-2x Stands (lowboys)
-6x Speed rail various sizes 6’/8’/10′

– (NEW) Redrock wireles MicroRemote Handheld Bundle ( with finger wheel for gimbals and steady cam )
-Remote Handheld
-Finger wheels
Tape sonar rangefinder

-Sachtler Studio II 150mm supports 200 lb HEAVY DUTY
-150mm Sachtler carbon fiber W/ FLOOR SPREADER
-116MK2 100mm Fluid Head
-Med 70mm Bogan Tripod

-Gini rig “Zacuto Style” Shoulder Mount


(Nikon or canon mount)

-Rokinon 24mm F1.5 Cine mod
-Rokinon 35mm F1.5 Cine mod
-Rokinon 50mm F1.5 Cine mod
-Rokinon 85mm F1.5 Cine mod

-xeen 24mm T1.5
-xeen 35mm T1.5
-xeen 50mm T1.5
-xeen 85mm T1.5

-Nikon 24 mm F2.5
-Nikon 55 mm F2.8 Macro
-Nikon 50 mm F1.4 Cine mod

-Nikon 17/35mm F2.8 Cine mod
-Nikon 24/70mm F2.8 Cine mod
-Canon 70/200mm F2.8
-Canon 100/300mm F3.5
-Canon 24/105mm F4 IS Cine mod

-Set of 5 4×4 Schneider filters (ND, Pola, Grad)
-ND 1.5, True Cir Polarizer, Black Frost 1/2, Orang Grad
-Lamparte Follow Focus w/extensions


-SmallHD AC7-OLED SDI canon batteries and D-tap
-IDX CW3 Wireless Video
-22″ Client Monitor SDI and HDMI C-stand mount (Wireless option for power and video)
-Marshall 7″ SDI/ HDMI Powered: V mount and D-tap
-2 x 7″ Lilliput COMP/HDMI Powered: Sony small battery


– 18″x16″LED 3200K lighting panel
– 4 x Diva Lite 401 KinoFlo
– 5 x 1k ARRI fresnel tungsten + chimera
– 2 x 300w ARRI fresnel tungsten
– 2 x 2k ARRI fresnel tungsten
– 2 x Kino Flo type fluorescent octagon w 4/300w bulbs each.
– 4 x 4800W Linco LK103 Flora Fluorescent Light Bank
-Tungsten Britek 200 w
-Tungsten Britek 300 w
-2 x Tungsten Britek 650 W
-2K Mole-Ricardson Baby Zip soft light
-On camera light panel LED lights
-2x Source four 750W (equivalent)


-5x C-stands
-3x short C-stands
-6x Light stands
-3x Double riser combo stands
-Triple riser combo stands
-2x Lowboys combo stands
-Skate board dolly platform with 10′ track

-10×10 pop up tent with white shade
-12X Butterfly set W/frame
-12X 1/2 Silent grid cloth
-6X Butterfly set W/frame
-6X Silver lame
-48″x 48″ Single scrim flag
-48″x 48″ Gel frame with 250 difusion
-48″x 48″ Gel frame with Opal difusion
-48″x 48″ Solid floppy
-10x 25 lb sandbags
-2x full apple
-1 1/2 apple
-1 1/4 apple
-2 x 12’x20′ Green Screen and Blue Screen


-Rode Stereo Video Mic with Hot Shoe Mount (perfect for Canon 5D, 7D, 60D dSLR)
-Zoom H4 (4 channel Sound Recorder)
-Shotgun Mic Sennheiser ME66
-Sennheiser Shotgun wind support
-2 x Cameras mic Sony Shotgun ECM XM1

-SLR and canon c100 Package also available.
-ProRes recorder