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10 Things you need to know about marketing videos Contact our producer for a free consultation

1 -Choose the right music: Most corporate videos have bad music.
2 -Make Sure your copywriter is great: Be skeptical here, make sure it connects.
3 -Great Cinematography: Do your research, be Up to standards, ask for examples to nail the look. 
4 -Shoot for Multiple videos: You are paying per day for the shoot, think about creating a library of assets.
5 -Use 2 Point Check: Export Video only, Sound Only, message should be clear on different media, formats, sizes.
6 -Use Typography and Graphics: You don’t want your video to look like a Powerpoint, keep it moving.
7 -Get your Video Seen: Implement your video into your sales marketing, Email Signature,  Website.
8 -Dive into Analytics: Track Audience Retention Rate matrix on YouTube analytic tools.

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