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First step is a Video Expert Strategy Call

As part of our client onboarding process, we’ll schedule a video strategy call with you. During this call, we’ll explore your campaign objectives, review your current video sales strategy, discuss timelines, and provide recommendations for developing a winning video marketing strategy.

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Better Creativity = Better ROI

1. Video Strategy Call:
During our call, we will dive deep into your campaign goals, existing video sales strategy, and timeline. We will collaborate with you to craft a successful video marketing strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

2. Build a Custom Video Strategy:
We’ll analyze your sales challenges, create a custom video strategy, and set your campaign up for success.

3. Present Your Video Plan:
We’ll develop a customized marketing plan for your video project, leveraging years of experience. This includes writing a compelling script, selecting the best locations, and creating a pre-visualization of your project.

4. Produce Campaign Materials:
We’ll implement your custom video strategy and produce high-quality videos for you. We’ll also create everything needed for a successful launch on all social media channels.

5. You’ll Get: Brand Message Videos / Promotional Videos / Client Testimonials / Product Videos and more.

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      We produce video content that works. Video production services are a type of creative service that businesses can use to produce high-quality video content for their marketing and advertising needs. The goal of video production is to tell a story that engages the audience, informs them about a product or service, and ultimately leads to increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

      In today’s fast-paced, digital-focused business world, video production has become a critical component of marketing and advertising strategies. Studies have shown that people are more likely to engage with video content than text or image-based content, making it an effective way to communicate with your target audience. Videos also provide an excellent way to showcase your products or services, and provide a glimpse into your company culture and values.

      Check out the blog article, we will be addressing several key questions that businesses often ask when considering Two Door Video Production services. ( Video content examples )

      We Produce video content that works!!,
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      8 Things you need to know about marketing videos

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      1. Choose the right music: The music in a corporate video can greatly impact its overall effectiveness, so be sure to select music that complements the tone and messaging of your video.
      2. Hire a skilled copywriter: Don’t underestimate the importance of a talented copywriter who can craft a message that truly resonates with your audience.
      3. Prioritize great cinematography: Research your options and be sure to ask for examples that meet the high standards you’re looking for in terms of visuals.
      4. Plan for multiple videos: You’re investing time and money into the video shoot, so consider creating a library of assets that can be used across various platforms and campaigns.
      5. Perform a 2-point check: Before finalizing your video, review it once with the sound muted and then again with the visuals turned off to ensure that your message is clear across all formats and sizes.
      6. Use typography and graphics thoughtfully: Keep your video engaging and visually appealing by avoiding a static, PowerPoint-like look.
      7. Strategically promote your video: Don’t let your video go unseen – make sure to integrate it into your marketing campaigns by including it on your website, email signature, and other relevant channels.
      8. Monitor analytics: Use tools like YouTube analytics to track audience retention rates and other key metrics to help refine and improve your video strategy over time.