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15 Tips for the Perfect Corporate Video

15 Tips for the Perfect Corporate Video Start Here 15 Tips for the Perfect Corporate Video Here are our top 15 tips for a perfect Corporate Video Understand Your Target Audience Use Your Videos Purpose to Rally and Focus Teams Teleprompter vs. Conversational Talking Points Over-Preparation Ruins Talking Points Audio Quality is the Secret Sauce Lighting, not the Expensive Camera, Makes a Video Look Good 1 Camera Vs. 2 Camera Interviews A Splash of Your Personality is the Difference Between a Boring and Engaging Video Scout Your Locations Wardrobe Considerations Pre-Production Cannot Be Skipped Nervous Talent? Over Directing Doesn’t Help Them Record Multiple Options -…

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Corporate Video FAQ

Start Here To Book a Call Or Call Charlotte Rep @ 310 936 6194 Awesome Corporate Video FAQ to succeed on your shoot How long is one production day? One video production day is typically 8-10 hours long. Time is counted from the moment we arrive at the location to the moment we leave. How much do video productions cost? We quote projects on a per-project basis. We look at how many days and hours are required for filming, editing, and planning to bring your project to life. Projects can range from $1,500-$40k+, but our average video project is in the $4-10k range. How long…

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